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Kids being dorks by YumekoxRochu Kids being dorks :iconyumekoxrochu:YumekoxRochu 311 54 Chara x Frisk by nandaBeilschmidt Chara x Frisk :iconnandabeilschmidt:nandaBeilschmidt 1,842 393
Masochist! Underfell Sans x Sadist! Reader part 3

WARNING!!! loads of swearing in here, mostly from you. I would prefer you to be 12 or over to read this, but that's all up to you since I'm not your parent/caretaker. Enjoy anyways. :)
Last Ch; You rolled around in her dust, your laughter slowly dying off into hysterical giggles. You picked yourself up, and slowly stalked your way to the exit. Your normally creepy smile had turned into a permanent psychotic one.
You finally reached the door, and stepped outside. Right into...
the freezing cold of the winter snow.
You didn't feel it. The cold. Toriel's dust was still all over you from when you were rolling in it, laughing and feeling like you just won the lottery. You felt amazing. It had been about three days since your last victim, and that was the absolute limit for you.
There was a normal save point, and you saved. Sure, the killing was fun, bu
:iconlovemermaid20:lovemermaid20 14 2
Underfell!Papyrus X Reader (Part nine)
[Papyrus' POV] 
When I got into the house, I attempted to get past (y/n) as quietly as possible. She was watching a rerun of Mettaton's show, one of my least favorite episodes to be exact. 
Undyne and I fought an equally destructive battle and we both walked away with horrific injuries. 
My radius is broken and I can definitely tell a few of my ribs have been cracked as well. 
I also have a slight limp which probably means I have injured one of my femurs or my hip bone in some way. 
"Papyrus?" (y\n) said as I felt her gaze on me. 
I clenched my teeth, I didn't want her to see me in a weak state like this. 
I continued walking past, trying to act normal but (y\n) stood up. 
"Papyrus, look at me!" She demanded. 
On a normal day I'd show her not to tell me what to do but I am too weak to show her who's boss. 
I turned around slowly, I was in a lot of pain and my face was twisted into a grimace. 
She walked over to me
:icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 15 421
In Your Arms (Fell!Sans x Reader) Chp 1
In Your Arms (Fell!Sans x Reader)
Chapter 1: Don't You Know How to Greet a New Pal?
You always thought the tale of Mt. Ebott was a myth.
But after days of living there, you decided to go out and explore the mountain.
With your backpack, you hiked around for a while.
Until you tripped over a vine, and fell.
‘So this is how I die’ You thought, until you landed on a bed of lush, golden flowers.
“W-who goes there?” A small voice asked.
You looked around, to find a small beaten up flower.
“P-please don’t hurt me..” It said, shaking
“I wont hurt you. Promise.” You said looking down at it.
“I’m (name). And you are?” You asked.
“F-Flowey. Flowey the flower.” Flowey stammered.
Suddenly, you hear large footsteps coming your way.
-le timeskip to where you leave the ruins because le author iz lazy-
As you leave the ruins, a blast of chilly air hits your face.
With Flowey in an old shoe with dirt in it, you walked t
:iconicygemgamingarts:IcygemGamingArts 3 2
In Your Arms (Fell!Sans x Reader) Chp 3
In Your Arms (Fell!Sans x Reader)
Chapter 3: Drunk Skeleton
You keep on walking, passing and sparing a few monsters, when you arrived at a town
It said.
“B-be careful, (name). Some monsters might try kill you and t-take your soul” Flowey stammered.
“Flowey, I’ll be fine.” You assured him and shivered.
It was extremely cold.
“I think I’ll go look around in that shop over there.” You said, pointing at a shop.
“What do you think, Sa-“ You looked around, and the skeleton was nowhere to be found.
“Where’d he go?” You thought out loud.
“Eh. Who knows.” Flowey said, shrugging.
You walked towards a shop, and purchased a/an (f/c) jacket, a bisicle and 2 Cinnamon Bunnies.
You felt much safer when
:iconicygemgamingarts:IcygemGamingArts 3 0
shadow!Sans x reader
After you had fallen into the underground, due to a bet with one of your friends, you had been living with one of the monsters. You weren't exactly sure what kind of monster he was, since he looked more human than monster. You just decide to not question it, since he was letting you live in his house. The only things you really knew about him is that his name was Alex, he was about a foot or two taller than you, and that he looked to be a scientist of some sort... since he did wear a lab coat quite often. Alex had finally decided to let you help him around as his assistant.
"come on, y/n, I don't have all day..." You heard a slightly deep voice behind you, which made you shiver and turn around. You sighed softly. it was only Alex. The thing is, he doesn't really talk much, and when he does it sends shivers up your spine. You looked at him. He was wearing his usual lab coat, a gray shirt under it, as well as black pants. You were wearing a f/c shirt and s/f/c shorts/pants/skirt/w
:iconplushyking:PlushyKing 58 49
swapfell!Sans x reader: chocolate milk
You opened the door to the skeleton brothers' house, and poked your head inside, seeing if one of them were home. nope, not home yet.. You opened the door all the way and walked inside. You had been living with the brothers for a bit after your little... fight with Sans. You convinced him that you weren't going to fight and he let you stay, which you thought was a little odd but didn't mind. It was better than staying out in the cold. You shiver slightly at the thought. Your thoughts then trail back to Sans. He may be a pain in the neck to be around; threatening to kill you, bossing you around, etc... but you didn't mind it all that much.
"no.. it can't be.." You muttered, walking into the kitchen, a light pink on your cheeks. "I have a crush on Sans..?" You shook it off and opened the fridge. You looked around the fridge for something edible. "hmm..." Your eyes lit up at the sight before you. It was a bottle of chocolate syrup! (just roll it--) You wondered how long it had been
:iconplushyking:PlushyKing 144 98
Underswap!Papyrus x Reader fluff
Knocking gingerly on the door, you murmured.
"Hello...? Papyrus, are you in there?"
There was a quiet shuffle, and then the door creaked open.
The hooded skeleton smiled gently down at you.
"What can I help you with?"
"Um... Can I just... Come in...?"
He looked curious, but nodded and moved aside, motioning for you to come in.
"Thank you..."
After walking inside, you went over and sat on his bed, looking down a bit.
The clicking of the closing door resounded through the room. Papyrus walked over and sat down next to you.
"So what's up? You seem a little out of it... Well, more than usual, anyway."
When you looked over at him, he had a small smile on his face, showing you that he was just teasing you.
You couldn't help but smile back.
"Um... Were you jealous?"
"Jealous? Of what?"
"Your brother. When he was with me. You seemed a bit more quiet than usual..."
A small orange blush formed.
"N-no... I was just a bit surprised, that's all... You know, walking in with my brother having you pin
:iconcode2000:Code2000 185 47
Hesitance (Underfell!Sans x Reader)
The icy cold wind threw you every which way, and you struggled to plant your feet in a way so you could remain walking in the right direction. At least, you hoped you were going in the right direction. Flurries of white, stinging snow clouded your vision, and you were simply hoping for the best at this point.
One would assume your journey, your quest, was nearly over. After all, you had practically befriended every monster in the entire Underground. Yeah, they were still dark and bitter toward you and their peers, but at least their goal wasn't to viciously slaughter you and consume your soul anymore. Even Asgore was deeply moved by your merciful actions and kind personality. But the problem was you didn't have a monster soul to help you break the barrier that kept anyone from leaving the..."hellhole," as some put it. And that would mean someone would have to take your soul and join it with the other six, but then you wouldn't be alive. It made you feel kind of evil and greedy, to be h
:iconkopedal:kopedal 217 38
New And Shiny - Toy Bonnie x Reader
Yes, the night I chose below was a random night. XD
Since Mangle is mentioned, I am told that it's a boy or a girl and I'm really feeling overwhelmed with all the arguments. I'm only deciding to keep Mangle's gender unknown.
Night 6
Things were picking up a lot. For one thing, the Toy animatronics are trying to get in my office and so are the Old animatronics. Most of all, the music box has been unwinding very quickly. Everything was hard to keep up with.
It was 12 am and things seemed to pick up right away. Once that clock stuck midnight, I knew things were going to happen. The Phone Guy even didn't really help at all:
"Hello? Hello...uh...what on earth are you doing there, uh didn’t you get the memo, uh, the place is closed down, uh, at least for a while. Someone used one of the suits. We had a spare in the back, a yellow one, someone used none of them are acting right."
Spare suits? What the heck is this guy talki
:iconerihamster2:erihamster2 15 2
Spring Bonnie x Reader: Shadows
You've been working at Freddy's for almost a week. You hated it but it was the only place you could find work and you needed the money.
They had you working in the dreaded arcade area. There was always some kid getting stuck in something, puke to clean, a parent complaining about one thing or another, the list of reasons you hated working there went on.
There were times you find yourself hiding with Foxy in Pirate's Cove, just to get away from the stress.
They announce they were getting two specially made animatronics that also doubled as suits. They needed volunteers to wear them. It would pay extra. Being that extra cash would help, you volunteered.
You were showed how to surpass the springs inside the suit and how to claim inside.
Being inside Spring Bonnie was an new experience. You've been inside a mascot suit before but it was never like this. You had to be careful, focused. One miss step would undo one or more spring locks.
Before long you found yourself enjoying playing mascot,
:icondogriddle:dogriddle 23 7
Spring Freddy x Reader: misunderstanding
You worked behind the prize corner handing out cheaply made toys and candy in exchange for tickets.
The job wasn't as bad as you thought it would be. The only thing that made you uncomfortable was the puppet. When it wasn't watching the kids at play, it would just stare at the adults. The management tried to assure you it was all in your head but you knew they got the same feeling you did about it.
Your coworker tap you on the shoulder and then tap their watch. It was time for you to do your other job.
You sighed and went to find Spring Freddy. It was time to earn your raise in pay.
Unlike Spring Bonnie that followed the person that wore it as a suit around like a loyal puppy. Spring Freddy avoided you at all cost. You had to run around the pizzeria looking for the damn thing. It was a headache, but it seemed to entertain the kids. That is why you made it look like a game and you two were doing it to amuse them.
The children would ask you why you looking for Spring Freddy. You made up
:icondogriddle:dogriddle 27 110
Mine - Human!Nightmare Foxy x Reader
He arrived at your house last year. You were the oldest out of three siblings, and was looking for something to give to your youngest brother, Jason, for Christmas. You decided to get him five plushies of the five main characters from the 'Fredbear and Friends' TV show. Sure, you knew he hated the robots at the diner, but he did show huge interest in the plushies when he saw several other kids had their own.
So, you bought the dolls of Fredbear, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy. While buying an extra plush, which was apparently named 'Plushtrap', for yourself since you had some extra money left. As you walked home in the cold weather, you held the six dolls tightly. For a split second, it actually felt like they were 'hugging' you back.  
Until the time came to give them to Jason, you hid the plushies in your room, since Jason and your other brother, Eric, rarely ever went in there. You had to admit though, they were very cute. In fact, they were so cute, that whenever you were sur
:iconanimechick2000:Animechick2000 169 20
Human! Toy Freddy X Sick! Reader - Love ~ Hate
Human! Toy Freddy X Sick! Reader
(Y/n) ---> Your name
(f/f) ---> Favorite flavor
(e/c) ---> Eye color
(F/hm) ---> Favorite hot meal (during rainy seasons)
     “What are you doing here?” You barked at the unexpected guest by your door, but, you were trembling from the cold breeze of the rainy weather outside, and additionally, from your almost cracked voice, that it turned out into a soft mutter. And, that unwelcomed guest would be... Toy Freddy a.k.a, Troy.
     It was all his fault why you were having a high fever and a sore throat --- but, wasn't exactly his fault why it was dry, but, didn't made it as an exception and you still considered it. At least you weren't having a common cold or a stuffy nose though. The reason why you were sick in the first place is because...
*Le Flashback*
     You were inside the pizzeria and was hanging out with Toy Chica and Toy Bonnie, when it began to rain. But, you were
:iconmegan624:megan624 80 64
Halloween One-Shots: Human!Toy Freddy X Reader
 Temps: God, this one is so shitty...
Halloween One-Shots: Toy Freddy
“A drinking game? Really?” your boyfriend raised an inquisitive brow at you.
You nodded, setting out several shot glasses and a few bottles of liquor ((it’s up to you what kind. I’d go with something more typical like vodka, but I suppose we all have our different preferences when it comes to alcohol)) on the island counter of your kitchen.
“Yep. We’re all playing—except for Mangle and Chika. They’ll be the ones making sure we don’t burn down the house or something,” you giggled.
“What kind of drinking game is it, anyways?” he asked, sitting back on the opposite counter.
“Well, it’s Halloween, so naturally it’s going to relate to costumes. Every time some kid dressed as Elsa from Frozen shows up, we’ll all take a drink,” you expl
:icontempswolfi:TempsWolfi 81 21



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