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Human!Golden Freddy X Reader - Family
"Foxy! Stop gnawing on the cable!" You picked him up before he could bite through it. Then you turned to Bonnie. "And YOU, Bonnie! Stop trying to plug the cable in the power point!"
Bonnie pouted a little but started to scowl at Foxy who let out a low growl. You spotted Chica on a table where she munches on a cupcake.
"Chica! You definitely have enough sugar for today!" You took her half-eaten cupcake away. Chica begins to cry and you quickly gave her, her favourite cupcake plush toy with the eerie eyes.
You put Foxy on the ground and looked at your boyfriend, Golden Freddy. He's sitting on a chair, currently asleep, with Freddy on his lap. You picked the little guy up without waking him.
Then you smacked Golden Freddy's head. He instantly shot up from his chair.
"OW! What was that for, love?!" You put one hand on your hip and glared at him. "What do you mean "What was that for"?! You're supposed to help me with the children! I can't take care
:iconpikablaze:PikaBlaze 846 332
Human!Foxy X Reader - What Does The Fox Say?

What the fox say?

Foxy's eyes twitched in irritation. He's not very fond of this song. It's such an earworm and an annoying one too. But YOU, Foxy's best friend (Y/N), loved it!
It's been only two weeks since you started to work as a waitress at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. At first you wanted to apply for the job as the security guard but after
you heard that the former security guard was killed during his night shift... Let's say your life was far more important than a high payment.
But you love your job. The kids are all so lively and they're always happy to see the entertainers Freddy, Bonnie and Chica. But you have to admit: They ARE a little creepy.
If you're around them, you can smell a faint odor of blood and you even mentioned that to Freddy. But
:iconpikablaze:PikaBlaze 1,572 749
Savior (H! Bonnnie x D! B! Reader)
     “Hey emo!” snickered a mocking voice. (Y/n) sighed as she continued to pack her things into her backpack. Her locker was slammed shut as she was pushed to the ground. 
    “Listen to us when we’re talking to you, bitch,” snapped a cold voice. (Y/n) gritted her teeth as she picked up her things and tried to walk pass her tormentors, but someone grabbed her by the hood of her sweater and yanked her back. 
    “Looks like someone’s trying to be a rebel~!” snickered a cheery voice as (y/n) was slammed to the ground. The (h/n) haired girl groaned as her backpack was looted and she was kick in the stomach. (Y/n) grunted as the group of girls laughed at her pathetic state. 
    “Boo hoo~! I almost feel bad for you,” giggled their leader. They left (y/n) on the floor, groaning in pain as she picked up what was left of her stuff. 
:iconsilvernightjade:SilverNightJade 262 30
Five Nights Too Many: Foxy x Reader
You didn’t want to be here. You wanted to be in the comfort and safety of your own home, not the office of this Chuck ‘E’ Cheese rip off. Why did you even ever take this job?!
The phone rings. It’s the recording from the previous security guard again. It always rings 3 times, which got quite annoying due to the fact it would still ring even though you already picked up the stupid phone.
“If you’re hearing this, you made it to night two…” You stopped listening. Who cared? Certainly not you, as you were most likely going to die anyways. Those stupid animatronics. You weren’t an endoskeleton, for heavens’ sake! To put off death for as long as possible- even though it was inevitable, you were going to die- you decided to check your cameras. Well, everyone’s in there sp-
Oh, heck no, you were NOT going to die from the chicken. No, that’s not happening. No.
You flipped through
:iconsnowynightmaregirl:snowynightmaregirl 572 372
Love at First Sight (Foxy x Reader)
Chapter 2
You yelped and spun around to your left to see who had spoken to you. Standing a little ways into your room and the hall way, was a robotic fox. The fox was tall, taller than you if you were to stand up instead of sitting down. He had red fur, and yellow eyes, his left eye covered by the patch there, and his left paw was a hook.
“I didn’t think you’d be caught this fast,” he chuckled lightly.
“Shit!” you cursed, and moved your chair back a bit, away from him. “Y-you’re not going to kill me, are you?”
“It is the rules,” the fox replied to you. “You’re not in consume, and that’s against the rules.”
“B-but I’m not!” you protested. “I’m a human, honest!”
He chuckled once again at that, never taking his glowing yellow orbs off you. You gulped and went to move your chair back once again, trying to get away. Glancing around, you looked for something that you
:iconelectric-rodent:Electric-Rodent 391 307
[FNAF] Human!Foxy x Reader Part 1
a/n: a little bit of warning before reading. this is my first fnaf fanfic so characters will be ooc & stuff so yeah. sorry. also, idk how to write a pirate's accent so 囧rz no accent for him here. also this is gender neutral
You were someone who was obsessed with games. And lately, you've been obsessed with this certain game called 'Five Nights at Freddy's'.
When you found out about that game, you were so eager to play it so you downloaded it and started playing it non-stop ever since. You had downloaded the trial version though and was really upset when it stopped at Night 3. So you begged your parents to buy you the game. It took a lot of begging but they bought you the game in the end anyway.
You sat down in front of your computer, opening up FNAF and loading it. Once it opened up, you squealed and quickly clicked New Game.
You survived Night 1 and 2. Sadly for you, you couldn't get pass Night 3. Why? Because you couldn't multitask and check on Pirate's Cove while Chica
:iconholyprussia:holyprussia 46 10
Care for a Fox ~ Foxy x Reader ~
You walk into Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria, for a night shift job.  You look around, examining the place so you know where everything is.  You see the show stage where the first three characters of the place is located. “I’m guessing their quite a show stopper.”  You mumbled.  “Hopefully they stay put tonight.” You added. You’ve heard stories about Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria and they seemed true to you, so you stayed very cautious with them. Next to the main stage was Pirate Cove, seemed peaceful. You notice a sigh that says ‘Sorry! Out of Order!’ on it. “Hmm….” You grew curious to what was behind the curtain. You open the curtain slightly and someone spoke that startled you. “Hey! Don’t be moving that curtain! Can’t you read signs.” You turn to the voice and it was the boss of Freddy Fazbear’s.  “Oh, sorry. I’ve grown curious….. I guess.
:icondiamond1997:Diamond1997 206 517
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